Are you afraid to smile? Are your dentures unstable, uncomfortable and false looking?

We can restore your self confidence by creating natural looking dentures that are comfortable for you.

Why should we replace missing teeth?

  • Leaving spaces where teeth have been extracted can affect the remaining teeth.
  • The teeth can change position and start to drift into the gaps, which may damage the tissues in your mouth and affect your bite.
  • It can also be difficult to clean in between the gaps of crooked teeth, which increases the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease and may lead to additional tooth loss.

Partial dentures can prevent your natural teeth from drifting and moving into the wrong positions, improving the overall health of your mouth.


Cobalt chrome partial dentures are also known as’ light alloy partial dentures’.

They are much stronger than acrylic partial dentures and lighter to wear.

Whilst the base in this type of partial denture is metal, the false teeth will be attached to the framework with acrylic. This type of partial denture has a slimmer design, which not only makes the base thinner but also covers a smaller area of the mouth.

The metal framework in cobalt chrome partial dentures do not contact the gums, which means that as the gums shrink, this type of partial denture will not sink with them and rarely requires a reline.

Whilst cobalt chrome partial dentures are stronger, fit better, and are more comfortable they are more expensive than acrylic partials.



Flexible dentures are an alternative choice for those who can’t tolerate the traditional type of denture and for those who are not suitable candidates for dental implants.

These are the perfect solution for replacing one or two missing teeth and are light, small and very retentive.

This type of denture does not require the use of metal clasps to hold it in place as it works by flexing into position around the gums on insertion. Many wearers say they are more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Aesthetically, flexible dentures tend to look better than traditional dentures as the material that is used to make them is clear and blends in with the mouths natural gum colour. The clasps in flexible dentures are also tooth coloured.

Because there are less components used to make flexible dentures it means they can be manufactured quicker which reduces the time a patient waits for their dentures.


Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth.

They can be made entirely from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and Chrome Cobalt.

Acrylic partial dentures can be attached to your remaining natural teeth for better stability with metal clasps. Precision attachments can also be used, which are much more discreet than metal clasps but they normally require either a tooth to be crowned or replaced with an implant.



A full denture replaces all the teeth in either the upper or the lower jaw, or both. Made from either acrylic or metal, the denture base is contoured to match your gums, and the teeth in dentures today look very natural.

When teeth are missing, you can appear older as your face will have a sunken look and wrinkles become more prominent. Full dentures plump the face up and take years off your appearance.

Eating and speaking with full dentures

Many people worry about dentures staying in place when they eat or speak. Dentures are manufactured so that they can adapt closely to the underlying tissues. They create a vacuum seal to retain the denture and keep it in place. Many people use a denture adhesive for additional help, especially when eating certain types of food.

The full dentures made today will be crafted to fit a patient's mouth individually to ensure a perfect fit.

There are two main reasons missing teeth should be replaced:

  1. Appearance - Aesthetic issues can be a problem as facial muscles will begin to droop causing a sunken in look which can age a person dramatically. Also facial lines and wrinkles will appear more prominent around the mouth.
  2. Functionality – Basic functions such as eating and speaking are hard work. Only being able to eat soft foods that require no chewing will cause health issues. Teeth help the mouth to pronounce certain words. When the teeth are gone speaking is very difficult which then affects the individuals work and home life.

Misconceptions about complete acrylic dentures

There are lots of misconceptions about full sets of dentures, which deter many people. Dental technology has advanced so much nowadays that dentures today look anything but false.

X “Dentures will make me look strange”
Dentures will actually make you look so much better as they will give support to your cheeks and lips. Without this support your facial muscles will start to droop, giving an aged look.

X “I won’t be able to speak properly wearing dentures”
When you first get your new dentures fitted, your mouth needs to get used to them. certain words may need a little practice, but this doesn’t take long and you will be speaking confidently in no time.

X “My new teeth will look false”
Dentures made today look nothing like the flat pink contraptions of yesteryear. They look just like natural teeth - nobody would ever know you were wearing dentures.

Ask your Dentist about all types of complete dentures and their benefits.

Denture Repairs

● Broken Dentures
●  Cracked Dentures
●  Dentures broken into two pieces
●  Multiple denture fractures
●  Replacement of broken and chipped false teeth
●  Adding new teeth onto existing dentures

We can nearly always repair a broken denture or chipped tooth. Dropping your denture in the sink whilst cleaning is the most common form of accidental breakage (so be careful).

If your denture breaks whilst your wearing it, it is usually an indication that there might be something wrong with the way it fits. It might need a reline to cure the problem.

Denture Additions

If you are already wearing a denture and you loose another natural tooth, or have to have one or more teeth extracted, then it is usually possible to have these extra teeth added to your existing denture. Please note that the same rules apply as with immediate dentures in that your gums will shrink around the extraction site and a reline might be necessary within three months to improve the fit and prevent the denture breaking or becoming unstable


We use gender specific tooth shapes and colours that will compliment your gender, age and personality. The denture teeth we use are made up of several different layers to reproduce the colour variations that are found in natural teeth.